Gough Optical

Independently Owned and operated Since 1976.


What We Do 


At Gough Optical we pride ourselves in providing our clients professional care and attention to detail. We always have and we always will.


See us for:

  • Prescription Eyeglasses
  • Reading Glasses
  • Contact Lenses
  • Safety Glasses
  • Sunglasses - with or without prescription
  • Computer Glasses
  • Prescription swimming goggles
  • Eyewear suitable for wearing while playing sports - soccer, hockey, baseball, etc


(Eye examinations can also be arranged - we have many Optometrists and Ophthalmologists right in the same building that we work with.)



We understand the importance of your child's visits to get his or her eyeglasses. Working closely with the eye doctors we can ensure your child receives the proper frame for their age, along with safe and durable quality lenses.


With our years of experience, we understand this can be a stressful time for kids. We build a rapport with your child to help ease any anxiety he or she may have. Our aim is to make their visit enjoyable while providing the best possible service.


We carry a selection of frames especially designed for children. We also provide a selection of sports glasses for soccer, hockey, basketball, as well as prescription swimming goggles to help keep their eyes protected when they are active.



As we grow older often our vision changes and we have different needs in prescription eyeglasses including glare, light sensitivity, post-surgical requirements and so on.

At Gough Optical our opticians work with you to understand and meet your individual requirements for the best possible results.

We have the styles you want along with the quality, service and just like you, experience. 

Come See Us

We are located in the medical building of the Humber River Regional Hospital

(Finch Site - South East Corner of Highway 400 & Finch Avenue)

We are Wheelchair Accessible

2115 Finch Ave W #314, North York, ON M3N 2V6